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If every man and woman that was capable of bearing arms understood their rights and had principles reflecting those of the Spartans from the movie 300 the idea of slavery of any kind would be laughable.

Instead the vast majority of blokes and more often then not the women who manipulate and control them dogmatically believe that to sustain their existence and man hood they need to consume the dead flesh and now dark energy of another being, and they would wet their pants at the mere thought of stepping out of line and and attempting to take their freedom back, let alone fighting a war against the order followers and their masters.

My fight begins when I have de-calcified my pineal gland and evolved it through fasting indefinitely and burning a hole through both of my eyes with sun gazing and nourishing my pineal gland with vitamin D, then I will receive my currently dormant godlike abilities.

I long for battle against the order followers and disintegration of the government, I long for sending every order follower that crosses paths with me to the burning fires of hell.

I will die fighting against the order followers before I'll accept the way our reality is.