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this one is so much better then the remix^
  hope u liek the toons

this one reminds me of bothering gemma and emily^

I had to add this one cuz she is pretty^

Watch Carlito's Way for fucks sake!

If I was ever gonna blow my brains out this is the song thats gonna be playing before I do it^

^I added this one cuz it reminds me of when I was between the ages of 4 and 6

If every man and woman who is capable of bearing arms understood their rights and had principles reflecting those of the Spartans from the movie 300 humanity as a whole would laugh in the face of those currently enslaving us. Instead we're welcoming gun control with open arms and supporting the hideous crimes that all order followers are committing. [link] -one of many many examples, the people in this video are innocent children, parents, civilians and a journalist.

The vast majority of little boys who falsely believe they are real men and women who back the order followers dogmatically believe that to sustain their existence, vitality and validity they need to consume the dark adrenaline infused energy of another being.

I will spark change and if I die in the process I know there will be another person to take my place, you cannot destroy this energy in my heart, if I die it will transfer to another being entering this fucked up reality.